Arachne Web Designs

web design and development

Arachne Web Designs specializes in developing custom internet solutions. Website, email marketing campaigns, e-commerce sites or database driven application. Whether its a brochure or an e-commerce site, the same level of care and attention to detail is brought to each project.

Sites are developed to web standards using latest technologies and applying industry 'Best Practices' — currently this means HTML5, CSS3 and unobtrusive scripting. The philosophy behind our development is one of 'Progressive Enhancement'. This means that content, core functionality and presentation is available to all devices, including screen readers and older browsers. For audiences that use more capable browsers additional presentation and functionality enhancements are made available.

This approach ensures not only backwards compatibility but also forward compatibility, where sites will function on older technologies while providing even better user experience as the adaptation of newer web technologies improves.

Another key component of our development philosophy is separation of content from presentation and functionality (behaviour). This facilitates ease of maintenance and upgrading. Each component can be changed separately without having to change others. This way changes can be made progressively without a necessity for complete redevelopment.